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January 1861 Charleston 

be divided. If Fort Pickens is attacked I have no doubt there will be an attack immediately made on fort Sumter in this harbour. The many rumours in the streets & from telegraphic despatches, keep the people in a constant state of excitement 
Mary this evening received a note from Mrs Alice Heyward asking her to stay with her, & she will remain when we go tomorrow. 

Th. 31 Carrie had fever all last night & Mary has determined not to stay. We will all remain until tomorrow & go together 
There is great dissatisfaction prevailing in the city at the course of Gov Pickens in making the appointments to the army & in all his official acts. He is overbearing, haughty & rude & has given offence in numerous cases. He has caused many resignations & has made himself so unpopular since his election, that were it not for the critical state of affairs now existing, he would be called to

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    Henry William Ravenel, 1814-1887: Private Journal 1860-1861:Page 76

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