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May 1861 Hampton hill 

S. 4 Troops are still in motion North & South, concentrating about Washington & the Va line. Upwards of 25000 are reported at present in Washington The Northern papers keep up a great blustering, but all that kind of gas is well understood here. It frightens nobody, not even the women & children. 
It is stated that Va has about 80,000 volunteers accepted, North Carolina 30000
Maryland is again hesitating & the northern troops are insisting upon a passage through Baltimore 
It is this irresolution of Maryland which keeps our troops in a state of inaction. Washington is a part originally of Maryland, & until she secedes or asks for aid, nothing will be done, unless the Federal troops attack Alexandria. As this will be an act of aggression upon Va soil, there will be no scruples in marching upon Washington

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    Henry William Ravenel, 1814-1887: Private Journal 1860-1861:Page 216

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